Junior chess returns Tuesday 10th Jan

Hi all, just a quick note to confirm that the junior club restarts with Mike and Andy this coming Tuesday 10th January.

Happy New Year

2023 celebration

Great to be back playing chess after the festive break!

Frustrating Draw for Horsham 1 against Bexhill 1

Horsham 1 faced a new opponent in the form of freshly-promoted Bexhill 1. Travelling to their opponents' venue above a furnature shop in fair Bexhill (complete, at one point, with howling dogs in the distance), Horsham were up against a team they ought to beat comfortably, but things didn't go quite to plan.

Andrew Fleming and Mike Forster played out what looked like a pretty solid draw, as Andrew played an unambitious line as White against Mike's Sicilian.

Horsham 1 vs Bexhill 1 match score: 0.5 - 0.5

Horsham 1 suffer narrow defeat against Worthing 1

Horsham 1 suffered a narrow defeat at home last night against a strong Worthing 1 side. All the Horsham players has their chances but only one was able to fully take advantage, while a couple crashed to defeat.

Anthony Higgs sacrificed a pawn in the opening and build up decent pressure for a pawn. However, an oversight in a complicated position led to him having to give up his queen for a rook and minor piece, which proved inadequare compensation.

Horsham 1 vs Worthing 1 match score: 0 - 1

Heavy defeat for Horsham 2

Not helped by the captain blundering into a smothered mate when enjoying a reasonably solid plus, Horsham 2 went down heavily on its trek to Eastbourne 1.

On board 1, Phil faced the Sicilian with both sides castling queenside and appeared to have more space and a bit of an initiative. I didn’t see the denouement but apparently an infiltrating knight then put paid to his chances.

Peter’s Petroff on board 2 proved resilient and peace was declared without too much alarm on either side.

Horsham 2 v Lewes

Lady biting nails

Horsham 2 were consistently out graded against Lewes but it turned out to be a nail biting match.

I was on board 3 and in a terrible position early on having played incautiously but my opponent slipped up and I was suddenly three pawns up and a nice position and quickly won. 

I wasn't able to closely follow all the other games but Rob succumbed on board 4 being a whole rook down. Peter Harbott on board two was playing a close game but looked under constant pressure until he too lost.

So 2-1 down with just board 1 to finish...

Horsham 1 start campaign with narrow win over Horsham 2

Horsham 1 and 2 started their Mid-Sussex League season by playing each other, as both teams are in Division 1. As expected, the match was a tight affair, especially as this year league matches are still over only four boards. Horsham 1 managed to secure a narrow win, but not after an almighty scare.

The first game to end was Mike Forster against Peter Harbott. Mike was unable to generate any advantage out of the opening, and offered a draw in a position where he couldn't see how to make progress. Peter was happy to accept.

Horsham 1 vs Horsham 2 match score: 0.5 - 0.5

Nayan wins Peter Alford Cup

Congratulations to Nayan who scored the most points by a junior member in the adult competitions last season and therefore became the winner of the Peter Alford Cup!

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AGM minutes available

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