Junior chess restarts 12th September

The junior chess club will restart 12th September at the normal times of 6:25pm-7:25pm.

AGM & new season on the horizon!

The club AGM will be held next Tuesday 5th September at 7:30pm in the Methodist Church lounge, hope to see you there. An agenda has been circulated by email. Please contact the Secretary/Tournament Controller as per the email if you want to discuss internal competition/Sussex League participation respectively.

Horsham triumphant in McArthur Cup final

On the final Tuesday of the season Horsham's top 6 players travelled to Lewes for the McArthur Cup final, seeking to redress the loss of the MSL KO final to the same opponents recently! Captain Mark Broom reports...

Club competitions see more winners

As we approach the end of the season (last club meeting is June 27th) some of the internal club competitions have been resolved...

James retains his Lightning title

Last week the club held its annual Lightning tournament of 10 second buzzer chess. James Mansson managed to retain his title (a rare feat in this format!) on a night of the usual mayhem...

Horsham through to McArthur Cup final

It was great to welcome Chichester's team to Horsham in the semi-final of the McArthur Cup, an opposition we have rarely faced in recent years. Horsham ran out close winners on the night...

Horsham 2 Draw with Worthing 1 in the last match of the season


This was the final match of the season for Horsham 2 and we were facing Worthing 1 with relegation already likely.

Worthing outgraded us greatly and Phil Stimpson (1942) faced Matthew Payne (2217) and quickly secured a draw with only 1 pawn taken. It looked a fascinating struggle but I wasnt able to follow it closely as I had my own game to focus on.



As we are heading to the end of the season it is a good moment to thank the captains for their excellent work. They all do such good work quietly in the background, we rely on them for so much chess - so thanks again.

Chris Heath wins Guildford Major

Chris Heath wins Guildford

The Guildford FIDE Congress was held over the weekend at the University of Surrey campus. It was a very impressive competition, superbly well organised and highly recommended to all.

We all put put on solid performances - Ian Comley and Phil Stimpson scored 3/5, Rob McDonald and Bob Lanzer 2.5/5, Jordy Savill 2/5.

Horsham 1 finish to season roundup

Horsham 1 have completed their season with two wins and one defeat in matches played in March.

The defeat was in the first match against Eastbourne 1 by the narrowest margin (1.5-2.5). Horsham had looked like the might win, as they were 1.5-1.5 on the bottom three boards with just the top board clash (Maks Rozman - Mark Broom) to finish and Mark looking like he had winning chances; however, a reversal in the endgame saw the Horsham player go down to a defeat.


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