James retains his Lightning title

Last week the club held its annual Lightning tournament of 10 second buzzer chess. James Mansson managed to retain his title (a rare feat in this format!) on a night of the usual mayhem...

Horsham through to McArthur Cup final

It was great to welcome Chichester's team to Horsham in the semi-final of the McArthur Cup, an opposition we have rarely faced in recent years. Horsham ran out close winners on the night...

Horsham 2 Draw with Worthing 1 in the last match of the season


This was the final match of the season for Horsham 2 and we were facing Worthing 1 with relegation already likely.

Worthing outgraded us greatly and Phil Stimpson (1942) faced Matthew Payne (2217) and quickly secured a draw with only 1 pawn taken. It looked a fascinating struggle but I wasnt able to follow it closely as I had my own game to focus on.



As we are heading to the end of the season it is a good moment to thank the captains for their excellent work. They all do such good work quietly in the background, we rely on them for so much chess - so thanks again.

Chris Heath wins Guildford Major

Chris Heath wins Guildford

The Guildford FIDE Congress was held over the weekend at the University of Surrey campus. It was a very impressive competition, superbly well organised and highly recommended to all.

We all put put on solid performances - Ian Comley and Phil Stimpson scored 3/5, Rob McDonald and Bob Lanzer 2.5/5, Jordy Savill 2/5.

Horsham 1 finish to season roundup

Horsham 1 have completed their season with two wins and one defeat in matches played in March.

The defeat was in the first match against Eastbourne 1 by the narrowest margin (1.5-2.5). Horsham had looked like the might win, as they were 1.5-1.5 on the bottom three boards with just the top board clash (Maks Rozman - Mark Broom) to finish and Mark looking like he had winning chances; however, a reversal in the endgame saw the Horsham player go down to a defeat.

Disappointing loss for Horsham 2

Having not unexpectedly lost heavily against Hastings 1 last week, Horsham 2 was looking for an element of revenge in last night's match against Hastings 2 but alas it was not to be. As a result of a 1.5-2.5 defeat we will definitely finish in the bottom 2 (and hence presumably relegated) though in practice this had already been decided by other results - not only would we have had to win this match but also our last fixture of the season against a very strong Worthing 1.

An Honourable Defeat For Horsham 3 ...

... if you will forgive such an oxymoron.

Approaching our fixture against Haywards Heath 1, (an unexpected relegation from Division 1 last season?), the omens didn't look great, not helped by needing to play a reserve (me) after a stronger choice had to pull out due to work commitments. Seeing Feliks Kwiatkowski and Jeff Boardman on boards 1 and 2 did nothing to allay my concerns.

Exploring the wilds of East Sussex

Horsham 2 made the long trek to play Hastings 1 only to find that the A27 was closed for the return journey which led to exploration of parts of the globe I had never visited before!

Anyway, as regards the chess we were not unexpectedly heavily beaten (an average grading deficit of 270) but did get on the scoreboard with one draw and indeed might well have added to that.

First to finish was Peter on board 1 as white who employed a sort of reverse Slav (or Saragosa?) but the game never really took off and peace was declared after just 20 moves.

Matthew wins Crowborough Challengers

A bit late reporting this but congratulations to Matthew C for winning the Challengers section of the most recent Crowborough Rapidplay on 25th Feb with 5/6. Dad Andy scored 2 points in the same section whilst Ian Comley scored 3/6 in the Championship section.

An excellent performance from Matthew, well done!


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