Horsham win MSL

MSL Results

Congratulations to Horsham 1 who have won the Mid Sussex League . The MSL was suspended with a couple of games outstanding and Horsham 1 have won this competition for the first time since 2010.

The other results are also included in the picture - well played to all who represented the club last season.

ECF Membership

With apologies for using the club website for a plug for the ECF, but I'd like to ensure this reaches as many people as possible over the next few days.

John Cannon's 90th Birthday

Happy birthday John cake

On behalf of the whole club I would like to extend birthday congratulations to our Chairman John Cannon.

John has given the most exceptional service to the club for decades and his service is unsurpassed.

Hoping John enjoys a very happy birthday and enjoys his many celebrations!

National Club Championships

Over the past weekend Horsham took part in the National Club Championships. The Championships was split into a Major, Intermediate, and Minor with Horsham being placed in the Intermediate with 11 other teams.

How to win at Chess

How to win at chess

I happened to see "How to Win at Chess" on BBC 2 and I see it is available on iplayer.

It is definitely an interesting watch including a younger Danny King defeating Raymond Keene and even a very young David Howell wearing a Junior Sussex Chess sweatshirt! It is very much aimed at the outsider so I dont think it will revolutionise your play. At one point Ray Keene offered the unconventional advice to offer check whenever you can - "as it might be checkmate, you never know!"

Horsham's Classical Tuesdays

On Tuesday evenings Horsham is playing classical games of 45minutes + 15seconds increment on chess.com starting at 7:30pm.
This week we had 4 games going with upsets and tactical shots galore.
First to finish was Alexander's game against Guy. Guy clearly knows the maxim "pin to win" as he used this to great effect to seize a piece and when Alexander created complication Guy kept his cool to make it two pieces forcing a resignation.

Horsham's last two rounds in the 4NCL

In the penultimate round Horsham were up against the Four Horseman, fortunately they were not bringing the apocalypse too.

Horsham's hardship in the 4NCL rds 7 and 8

The online 4NCL is a series of matches on Tuesday evenings between teams across the country. Its one of the biggest chess competitions ever.

Horsham Blitz Tournaments 5, 6, 7

Every Thursday evening Horsham has been meeting for some online blitz chess. For two weeks out of three we meet on chess.com at 8:10pm to play 5|5 in a frantic arena style. This includes this week, I look forward to the hectic pace and seeing lots of people there.

Horsham take 2nd in Sussex Team Battle

Last Thursday Horsham players took part in another MSL Team Battle with Brighton, Eastbourne, Bognor and Crowborough members.

Brighton came out top with 59 points, thanks to a top performance by Luke Rutherford conceding only one draw. His last game was a hard-fought victory over Horsham's Gavin Lock who produced the next best performance out of all the players and led us to 2nd place overall with 46 points.

This week we are back on chess.com for our Thursday Horsham Blitz, see you there!


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