Healthy scoreline for Horsham 2

Whilst facing a considerably changed line-up, Horsham 2 beat Hastings 2 by 4-1 and hence gained an element of revenge for Horsham 1’s recent slip up against the same team.

Dix’s game was a dreary London system (his words, not mine!) defended with a king side fianchetto. Queens were soon exchanged on d2. White pressed but was rebuffed with aggressive tactics involving the misplaced bishop on f4 and skewers on the rook on d2. The position levelled out and rather than play a blitz finish both players opted for a draw.

Tactics time... with Mr Kington?

Yes you heard that right...

Horsham Juniors - latest match results

Horsham Juniors have been in action in three successive weeks recently, here's how they got on...

It's tough at the top!

Horsham 2 lost out last night to Worthing 1 whose top two players were both graded above 200. With one game still to be decided (at best a draw for us) the score stands at 1.5-2.5.

Anthony’s Philidor on board 1 was subjected to a fierce kingside assault which seemed to have been largely weathered. An excursion of his queen, however, seeking activity on the other side of the board (when, as he subsequently put it, she would have been far better off hanging around nearer the centre) proved his undoing which ultimately came through the queenside.

Good win for Horsham 2

With one result still to be agreed, Horsham 2 have already done enough (3-1) to ensure an encouraging win against Haywards Heath 1.

I saw very little of Paul's game which finished relatively early with decisive gain of material ensuring a good start to the evening for Horsham.

Peter for his part sacrificed a piece for a pawn whilst still in the opening which I understand was subsequently analysed to be unsound but which led to a lasting initiative in practical play and ultimately to an agreed draw after considerable adventures on both sides.

Horsham 1 defeat Eastbourne 1 by big margin

Horsham 1 scored a big win away against Eastbourne 1 on Friday evening.

Anthony Higgs against Mike Reddie seemed to be moving along quietly, before Mike made a miscalculation and his position rapidly collapsed.

Both Gavin Lock and Mike Forster made use of the White pieces to score good wins against their opponents.

Matt Forster won what looked like a tough game against Paul Carpenter.

Close but no cigar for Horsham 2

Despite a significant grading deficit, Horsham 2 only narrowly lost out to Brighton 1.

First to finish was Peter whose Petroff came under immediate pressure, initially on the kingside but subsequently on the other wing where the entanglement of his pieces led to the early demise of his queen.

Meanwhile Lucy’s Sicilian saw a promising queenside advance balanced by some weaknesses elsewhere. In late middle game, the latter proved more crucial with a series of combinations leading to loss of material and resignation.

Happy New Year

2019 Happy New Year

Hope you all had a lovely festive break and I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday 8/1/19 which has Knockout and Knockout Plate games as the main focus. Make sure you prompt your opponent to set up these games and progress the competition.

Otherwise there are the all play all to move on! There are 25 weeks of the season remaining but many games to be played especially in the Bishop.

See you all on Tuesday.

Christmas Tree Festival

Christmas Tree Festival

Despite the rain last Saturday, the Methodist Church’s Christmas Tree Festival raised £700 for Children in Need. The Chess Club’s tree was the same as four years ago (same photo shown) and the club’s donation and tree were much appreciated.

Great result for Horsham 2

Horsham 2 made the long trek to play Hastings 1 away, more in hope than expectation, but defied the odds of an aggregate 140 grading points to share the spoils.


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