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Martin Costley (Lewes Chess Club)
The funeral will be on Monday 16th December, at 11am, at Woodvale Crematorium, Brighton, BN2 3QB. Wake afterwards at Shelley’s Hotel, Lewes, BN7 1XS. All who knew Martin welcome.

Enquiries etc. please email the secretary of Lewes Chess Club.

QuickPlay round 17 December

Quick play rounds

Looking ahead to the next round of the Quick play on 17 December I thought it would be useful to remind us who we will be playing - hopefully we might be able to fit a couple of rounds in!

Black is OK... Andras Adorjan liked to say - and so it was proved last Monday as Black was successful in Worthing 1 vs Horsham 2...

London Chess Classic

London Chess Classic

The London Chess Classic starts in London on Monday 2 December. There is quite an amazing list of talented Super GMs who will be playing including the World Champion Magnus Carlsen. Its just up the road and offers an amazing opportunity for spectators including live commentary.

Full details can be found at

Fancy some Sussex Christmas Chess?

Hastings info

A reminder that there are number of competitions available to play at the Hastings Chess Tournament over the New Year. Follow the link here or look at the information on the notice board:

Some people like to go and watch the stronger players - that includes David Howell (who played in the Mid sussex Chess League in his younger days) and many other stars.

Horsham 1 score big win over Brighton 1

Horsham 1 scored an excellent win over Brighton 1 last night.

Horsham 3 Victory


Horsham 3 had a fine victory last night against Uckfield 1.

Lucy Bennet-Stevens was the first to finish, she was up against a 200 player on board 1 and was fighting tenaciously but ultimately he got the better of us and we were 1-0 down. Peter Harbott was on board 2 and was next to finish..although I was focusing on my own game and didn't see much of his I heard a rumour that he had castled. Could this be true? In any case he got a couple of pawns up against a strong player and levelled the score with a nice victory.

Sad News from Lewes

Sad news from the MSL website

Is with great sadness that Lewes Chess Club post news of stalwart member Martin Costley, who died on Tuesday 12th November following a long illness.

Another long trek in vain for Horsham 3

Having lost at Hastings in our first match of the season, our second outing was nearly as far but sadly with the same result against Eastbourne 2.

Chris S-L's English led to a very open game with white's pawns advancing on both sides of the board. Ultimately however, black's unopposed black squared bishop alongside infiltration down the open c file by one of black's rooks proved terminal against white's uncastled king.

Horsham 1 win away vs Haywards Heath 1

Horsham 1 did not suffer any nasty Halloween surprises in their Thursday night match, and scored a comfortable win against a largely familiar opposition line up.

Gavin Lock's game as White on board 1 against Feliks Kwiatkowski was a quiet draw, as Feliks employed a clever move order to guide play into the solid double Fianchetto system. Gavin was unable to find anything much, so a draw was agreed.

Mike Forster picked up our first win as Black on board 4 against Graham Ewens. He won a pawn in the middlegame, simplified to an endgame, and converted his advantage condifently.


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