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Earlier this week saw Horsham 5’s next sortie into the maelstrom know as MSL Division 3 – a home game against Worthing 3. On paper it was a very evenly matched contest. Could Horsham 5 bounce back from their close run defeat by Horsham 4 in their opening fixture?

First up was a crushing win by Brian on Board 4 so quick that he was able to get home to watch the second half of the Scotland v England football friendly! This was closely followed by a solid draw by Tony on Board 1.

Horsham 1 win local derby

The 1sts vs 2nds has been a close affair in recent years, but Horsham 1 reversed that trend by winning 4.5-0.5 over Horsham 2 on Tuesday night, although the result could have been a bit closer than the scoreline suggests…

Horsham 3 kick off with an away win

Horsham 3 travelled to Hastings (29 Oct) and beat their 3rd team by 3 -2.
Excellent wins for Paul Taylor & Nick Warren and a great result for Horsham. Full results are:

(165) J Wheeler 0 - 1 Paul Taylor (166)
(158) P Kelly draw Ian Comley (165)
(E150) M Bryant 1 - 0 Roy Page (155E)
(132) D Cosens 0 - 1 Nick Warren (152)
(134) J Hudson draw Mick Harris (148)

So Near, Yet So Far

Mark Baldock submitted the following report on the recent Horsham 5 vs Horsham 4 match.

Earlier this week saw the first fixture in Division 3 of the Mid-Sussex League. And what a fixture! A keenly competitive match between Horsham 4 and the new newly promoted Horsham 5. The latter faced an average deficit of 20 grading points on each board and, as the home team, played black on 3 out of 5 boards. But did this didn’t curb the enthusiasm and fighting sprit of the home team? No it didn’t as they ground out 4 very solid draws on Boards 2 to 5 and were just edged out on Board 1 right at the death.

Horsham scoop awards at Mid Sussex League AGM

Horsham 2 and Horsham 4 both won cups for winning their respective divisions this seasons - congratulations to both!

Mid-Sussex League tankard performances

Now that the MSL season is over the best individual performances of the season have been calculated and Horsham players were close to winning in a couple of categories...

Breaking news...

Further to Ian's post below celebrating Horsham 2's achievement, it looks like we are also Division 4 champions, as Horsham 6 upset Hastings 4 in dramatic style to hand Horsham 5 the division title...

Horsham 2 win Division 2 !

Winner picture

Horsham 2 fielded a strong team to completely outgrade Brighton 3 and win handsomely their final match of the season 3.5 -1.5. This seals a clear win in division 2 , only having dropped half a point all season!

We look forward to chess in division 1 next year and thanks to all the players who participated in Horsham 2 success.

A Hoare 1-0 R Jones
P Stimpson .5-.5 O Weiss
P Taylor 1-0 M Cain
P Harbott 0-1 M Hamilton
I Comley 1-0 S Chadwick

Horsham 1 finish season on a high

The first team completed their fixtures with a win away to Haywards Heath 1 on Wednesday night. Resounding victories for our supersubs and a long overdue win from the captain sealed the deal...

Horsham 2 set to win Division 2 !


The winner of Horsham 2 v Eastbourne 1 was always going to decide the winner of the second division and promotion to division 1 .Phil played a great game to beat Rasa and Ian played accurately to convert a slightly better position. We have 2.5 points with just Peter's game outstanding and are expecting to be claiming a win.

So barring an embaraassing disaster in the final game against lowly opposition we look well set to collect some silverware.


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