Runners-up position on tie break for Horsham 3

In our last match of the season, Horsham 3 drew 2.5 - 2.5 with Woodpushers 1 to finish joint top of the league on points. However on tie-break we scored fewer game points than Brighton 2 and have to settle for the runners-up position.
Nevertheless Horsham 3 are entitled to promotion to Division 1 where they would join Horshams 1 & 2. Altogether a very satisfactory season for us. I am grateful for all the support and efforts of the members who played for us this season.
Match details :

Ian Kelly draw Tim Pavlovic
Julian Mitchell draw Chris Heath
Julian Clark 0 - 1 Bob Lanzer
Andrew Briggs 1 - 0 Nick Warren
Bob Davidson draw Mick Harris


Anthony Higgs's picture

Well done to everyone who played for Horsham 3 this season.