Horsham 6 beat Div. 4 league leaders – 3-2!

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Last night saw Horsham 6 compete in our first away game of the season (not counting the first game against Horsham 5!).

Our opponents …. the formidable Brighton & Hove 5 team, the current leaders of Div 4 who had easily won their first 2 matches. But was last night going to be their night? No, it wasn’t! From being down 0-2 (by about 9:30pm) Horsham 6 duly ground out hard fought wins on the 3 remaining boards securing the all important match victory at 10:45pm.

Heartfelt thanks to my fellow team members – Roger Waddingham, Dick Newman, Gary Whitmore and Oliver Thorne.A particular well done to Roger who, after playing at the same venue the previous night, stepped into the breach at the last moment, played on Board 1, and duly won.And a massive pat on the back to Oliver who, in his first away game in the MSL played so calmly and confidently that his more experienced opponent crumpled at the time control, left his knight en-prise and quickly resigned.

It was such an impressive victory that Oliver insisted on playing over his victory (on a portable set) to his mum and dad in the club bar - not wanting to go home until overall victory was secured. No alcohol was involved I hasten to add!Next victim….Worthing 4 at home on 3 December.



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Well done to the whole team and especially to Oliver for his first away win for Horsham.