Horsham 6 v Worthing 4


Last night saw Horsham 6 host a MSL Division 4 match against Worthing 4 and what a hard fought match it proved. At the time of writing the position is …

1. Baldock M ?-? Crompton P
2. Whitmore G ?-? Guinness K
3. Hewitt T ?-? Pople D
4. Hewitt M ½-½ Bradley D
5. Hewitt R 0-1 Haworth K

However we are confident we have a win on Board 1 and pretty confident of a win on Board 3. Gary was his usual resilient self and, although slightly down in material, thinks that he may be able to draw on Board 2. If all this comes to pass then we win the match 3-2. Both captains have agreed to consider the positions by the w/e and then decide whether there is merit (or not) in submitting any/all games for formal adjudication.

The more observant among you will have noticed that we fielded three players with the same surname on Boards 3 to 5. This is not a spooky coincidence but rather an excellent example of a dad and his two sons pulling together for the benefit of the team. So special thanks to Tony, Mark and Richard who perhaps should now be better known as the “Horsham Posse.” Further escapades for them and the rest of the team planned for the New Year!

Perhaps John/Julie can advise if this is some form of MSL record?

Mark Baldock


Siblings William, Arthur and Cassie Graham all played in five matches for Worthing 3 last season.