Horsham 4th vs Crowborough 2nd

Facing a very strong Crowborough 2nd team with an 88 point advantage our guys faced a tough challenge indeed (I hid a few tables away!). Roger was first to finish, after taking an early pawn it quickly turned on him with his opponent gaining a powerful attack in compensation. Nick made an incredible 4 piece sacrifice to collect a great win! Well I presume something like this happened as did not actually get to see his game, 1 all!. I really liked Melusi’s position with his opponents double isolated pawns and Melusi’s knight in-between! Sadly he could not hold onto the position. Young Matthew had his opponent very worried with 50 to 5 minutes time advantage he was a piece down but he was still trying for the win with lots of tactical shots but had to settle in the end for a worthy draw. Chris’s game went the distance and although having a fairly even looking position, one last move before the time control cost him dear that even Fritz could not get out of; final result 1½ - 3½.

1. Heath, Chris W (146) 0 – 1 Fryer, David W (161)
2. Warren, Nick (143) 1 – 0 Michaud, Gerald (159)
3. Nkomo, Melusi (140) 0 – 1 Faulkner, Martin J (154)
4. Forster, Matthew (127) ½ - ½ Lawrance, JAN (146)
5. Waddingham, Roger (118) 0 – 1 Dunn, Chris C (142)


Sadly it was just a postional grind of 23 moves but another French Defence bites the dust !

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Nice to see the French getting thumped. A 23-move win is a grind?! Evidently I am not playing adventurously enough... :)