Horsham 4 get hammered 4-1 by Uckfield 1

It doesn’t make for great reading but the games were much closer than the final score line.

All 5 games were still being played after 2.5hrs, John Marshall on board 1 was a pawn down but holding his position well, it looked like a draw but a knight fork at the end was unavoidable collapsing the position and he had to resign. John Cannon on board 2 was looking to be in a great position but a single miscalculation of which piece to take ended up a piece down rather than the other way around. I managed to get into a commanding position with the black pieces but then threw a piece away for nothing (my signature move) and ended up in a losing end game soon after. Thankfully Matthew was on form and although down on time with some sharp tactical play was able to come out on top and into a winning end game. Lucy on board 5 was also unable to get anywhere and was the last to fall.

Final result 4-1 to Uckfield our first loss of the season though and still needing half a point from our last game to guarantee promotion.

1 146 Marshall, W John 0 - 1 Harris, Toby E 160
2 142 Cannon, L John 0 - 1 Mieczkowski, Artur -
3 142 Richardson, Paul 0 - 1 Weston, Peter 128
4 136 Forster, Matthew 1 - 0 McDonald, Simon 120
5 119 Bennet-Stevens, Lucy 0 - 1 Stockham, Brian 118