So Near, Yet So Far

Mark Baldock submitted the following report on the recent Horsham 5 vs Horsham 4 match.

Earlier this week saw the first fixture in Division 3 of the Mid-Sussex League. And what a fixture! A keenly competitive match between Horsham 4 and the new newly promoted Horsham 5. The latter faced an average deficit of 20 grading points on each board and, as the home team, played black on 3 out of 5 boards. But did this didn’t curb the enthusiasm and fighting sprit of the home team? No it didn’t as they ground out 4 very solid draws on Boards 2 to 5 and were just edged out on Board 1 right at the death.

A commendable result for Horsham 5 which sets us up nicely for our next match against Worthing 3 on 18 November. Many congratulations (perhaps through gritted teeth!) to Horsham 4 who start their campaign with a victory.

The complete match result was as follows:-

Horsham 5 (Home)   Horsham 4 (Away)
Matthew Forster (J) 0-1 Nick Warren
Tony Hewitt ½-½ Mick Harris
Richard Barrowclough ½-½ John Marshall
Mark Baldock ½-½ John Cannon
Lucy Bennet-Stevens (J) ½-½ Paul Richardson


Anthony Higgs's picture

Horsham 5 were never in trouble on boards 2-4 from what I saw. Looks like both teams will do well this season.