Horsham 4 pick up a great away win vs Worthing 3

I’d like to start by thanking John Marshall for his commitment to get to our Worthing match last night, after train delays to his morning commute he was faced by several more delays in the evening but still managed to make the venue just in time. Unfortunately even after knocking out the first 20 moves quickly he was still very much down on time which gave his opponent enough of an edge to take the game away from him.

Melusi’s game was also moving quickly however he had built a very strong attacking position with which he was able to tactically control and win his game, 1 all.

My opponent declined the Benko gambit I initiated and played a solid game but with the more active pieces I was able to slowly apply pressure which finally got me through for a win.

Julie’s opponent blundered a piece early on which is always nice but she still had to win the game, a discovered attack at the end worked well and could not be stopped.

Finally Roger was two pawn’s up and managed to force his opponent into the dilemma of being a piece down or a losing end game, either way a win for Roger, final score 4-1 to Horsham!

The 4th team now have 3 wins in 3 matches played for a fantastic start to the season.

Marshall, W John (147) 0 – 1 Parker, Colin (144)
Richardson, Paul (138) 1 – 0 Chilvers, David (137)
Nkomo, Melusi (138) 1 – 0 Graham, Arthur (134)
Denning, Julie (117) 1 – 0 Graham, Cassie (133)
Waddingham, Roger (116) 1 – 0 Wallis, David (121)