Paul Watson Trophy Exit

Horsham welcomed Lewes on Tuesday 7th April in the semi-final of the Paul Watson Trophy. This competition requires each team of 4 players to have an average (start of season) grading of 150. The two teams were evenly matched with Horsham’s average 149 against Lewes’s 147.

On the night we did not quite perform to our full potential and lost the match 1-3, which was disappointing. On Board 1, Peter grabbed a pawn in the opening but then played a slightly incorrect move order in defending a tricky position, with fatal consequences. Next to finish was Richard who seemed to have an even position from the opening but was then slightly outplayed.

John faced a Ruy Lopez, Exchange Variation and following various exchanges of pieces reached a sterile rook and pawn ending and agreed a draw. With the match over my opponent, who had a slight advantage, offered a draw.

P Harbott (173) (Black) 0-1 B Maufe (164)
T Pavlovic (159) ½-½ J Pullan (149)
J Marshall (147) ½-½ R Welford (148)
R Barrowclough (124) 0-1 D Badham


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No surprise there?