2011-12 Season

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Brian Donnelly at the Kings Head Rapidplay

Brian Donnelly played at the Kings Head Rapidplay earlier this year, with some success. The event was held on the 24th March, 2012, and the top of the table finished as follows:

1st GM Alexander Cherniaev (241) 5.5 points
2nd-4th = GM Stuart Conquest (236)
IM Richard Bates (234)
Rik Thomas (204)
5.0 points
5th-12th = Brian Donnelly (180)
and 7 others
4.5 points

Brian supplied the following report:

Trophy winners 2011-12

Some great chess played this season and some new names for the engravers...just the quickplay to be resolved on the first night back. Particular congratulations for Richard Moorhouse in managing an amazing 8/9 in the MSCL...if only the rest of us had played so well!

How did your team perform?

Thought you might like to see the stats for how the teams did in the Mid Sussex Chess League 2011-12. It looked like Horsham 1 were going to win the league at one point...next season?

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