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Bishop/Knight Swiss every 2nd Tuesday

Following on from discussions at the AGM, the structure of the Bishop/Knight Swiss is below:
- Generally every 2nd Tuesday of the month
- 65 minutes + 30 seconds increment
- All games graded, so make sure you have your ECF bronze membership or higher sorted
- Pairings will come out the Friday before
- If you cannot make a 2nd Tuesday, and you still want a game, then please email to let me know so I can pair you with someone else in that situation.
- If you are busy that month please email to let me know.

Some dates for next season

Before you even thought of getting next year’s diary we have some key dates ready for you!

Trophy winners 2011-12

Some great chess played this season and some new names for the engravers...just the quickplay to be resolved on the first night back. Particular congratulations for Richard Moorhouse in managing an amazing 8/9 in the MSCL...if only the rest of us had played so well!

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