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Tactics time... with Mr Kington?

Yes you heard that right...

Kings toppled as Horsham 1 beat holders

Horsham 1 took a big stride towards winning the top division by defeating current leaders and last year's winners Worthing 1 decisively on Tuesday night...

Horsham 1 pick up valuable half point at Hastings

An under-strength Horsham 1 did well to take half a point from Hastings 1 back on 19th November...

Summer holiday tactics

While the club may have closed for the summer, some members are still chessing despite the heatwave! The diagram (Black to play) shows a recent position from a junior training session with yours truly as White and one of HJCC's brightest talents Oliver Thorne as Black, which I thought followers of the website might enjoy...

Gavin Lock beats Alan Barton in style

Gavin Lock scored a neat win against Alan Barton, in the recent Horsham 1 match against Hastings 2. The game is given below, with some detailed notes by Gavin.

Anthony Higgs wins against Luke Rutherford

Anthony Higgs scored a good win against Brighton's board one, Luke Rutherford, in the recent Horsham 2 match against Brighton 1. The game is given below, with some notes by Anthony.

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