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“Sometimes I lie awake at night …

and I ask, “Where did I go wrong?” Then a voice says to me, 'This is going to take more than one night.”

Last Tuesday saw Horsham 5 put a tentative toe into the shark-infested waters of MSL Division 3 to play our first game of the season against the early leaders Uckfield 1.

Our squad, although relatively small this season (in number not height), looks potent as we have been joined by the “2 Johns” (Marshall and Cannon) and our grade spread is not particularly wide so we have strength in depth …well in theory we do!

Local Player Features on Have I Got News For You

English chessplayer makes cat noises

Imagine my surprise when I saw this caption on Have I Got News For You tonight. Many of us will have encountered Feliks from Haywards Heath who likes to meow during games...the picture is proof!

Support your local captain

Support your local Sheriff

The MSL season is now in full season so this is a timely reminder to help our hard working captains.

This is especially true since six players are unexpectedly unavailable so please put your team's dates in the calendar and make every effort to be available to play. On the the night, get there a little earlier to help set up some boards and make sure you can set the digital clocks.

And dont forget to help clear tables and equipment at the end of the evening as well as doing some washing up.

An Inauspicious Start

Horsham 4 hasn't got its MSL Division 2 account off to the best of starts! Having been shown no mercy by Horsham 3 in our opening match, our trek to Hastings this week was almost as unrewarding. With a number of players unavailable, we only fielded a team of 4. Ian Comley retain some honour for the team, achieving a draw on top board. Alas, Paul Richardson. Mick Harris and myself all fell to our opponents. Hastings 3 4.5 - 0.5 Horsham 4. Hopefully we will have some less challenging opponents as the season progresses.


Horsham 1 squeak past valiant Horsham 2

On paper Horsham 2 are very strong this season, and the first team needed some good fortune to run out 3-2 winners last night...

First match of the season - Horsham 3rd vs Horsham 4th

In the MSL division 2 both Horsham 3rd and 4th teams had to start the season with a match against each other and even with a large grading difference a win is never guaranteed.

Quickplay KO

digital chess clock

An excellent evening of quick play games last Tuesday with some really good chess.

Next week is the first week of the Knockout proper with the new Fischer time limits to enjoy. I am sure we will all quickly master the clocks!

Simul highlight

As per Ian's post below, Peter tied 6.5-6.5 with the club in the annual Champion's Simul. The highlight of the evening was the following game against Darren...


Thank you

A huge thank you to Dick Newman who in addition to helping with the Juniors has now made a very substantial financial contribution for their benefit.

He writes:
"Enclosed if a parting gift to Horsham Chess Club to be used for the Junior club.

They are the future for the club and I hope they appreciate how fortunate they are to have such an excellent teacher...Anthony.

Thanks to all those who have made Tuesday evenings such an enjoyable evening.



Fine words which we all endorse



Our congratulations to Julie Denning for being nominated for one of two Non Executive Director of the ECF. If successful she adds this to the long list of other titles from positions she has been doing so admirably, in particular this season as President of SCCU.

All these are in addition to being a Horsham team captain...


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