Knockout Round 3

Its Tuesday

Quite a quiet night last night as we returned from the festive season and some are playing at Hastings.

In the plate, Paul Richardson and Richard Barrowclough had already drawn twice and now reached 30 minutes each. It was a typically close and combative affair but Paul managed to break through to face Nick Warren in the next round.

Matches 2018

Happy New Year

Chess 2018

Wishing you all a happy new year - see at the club on Tuesday!

Merry Christmas

santa plays chess

As Santa gets a final game of chess before his annual saga we wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Quickplay Night

It's Tuesday

We had a very busy night of quick play last night.

In the main Quick play Knockout James Mansson and Paul Taylor played out the semi final. Paul won the first game with a typical sharp attack when James had seem better out of the opening. But in the second game James won pretty securely so it all hinged on game three where James played very accurately to secure the win.James is through to the final of the Quickplay awaiting the outcome of Brian vs Anthony.

Last Chess of 2017!

Christmas tree and foxes playing chess

I look forward to seeing you all tonight for the final chess night before Christmas.

There are a number of quick play games in store as well as some classical games.If you don't have a game why not come and watch.

Horsham 2 triumph over league leaders

The 2nd team welcomed Division 2 league leaders, Crowborough 1, on Tuesday 5th December. Horsham lead 2½-1½ with one game being sent for adjudication, in which we are claiming a win and they are claiming a draw, so a 3-2 win is at least guaranteed, in what was a tight match.
Phil was the first to win on Board 4 – playing the Blumenfeld Attack in the Scotch Opening – a line he was very familiar with having won previously with the following sequence of moves!!

Club Chess- 12 Dec Week 15

It's Tuesday

I was busy playing a fascinating Rook game against Nick on Tuesday. We had a good strategic struggle where I went a pawn down but we ended in a draw.It was a fascinating game so feel free to correct me if I report wrongly on your game!

Attacking Chess

Chess position

In Horsham 2 v Crowborough on Tuesday, Morgan Blake was facing David Fryer and Black had just taken his Rook.

No doubt David expected simply BxB but Morgan demonstrated fantastic attacking style in this position and shortly won...solution in the comments

Spotted in AAH

Bridge club with Roger Waddingham

I was leafing through AAH this Saturday and saw a picture with Horsham Bridge Society. I seemed to remember that Peter Harbott played there .. but it seems that Rogar Waddingham does too!

Congratulations to the Bridge club on their anniversary.


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