New Gradings are out!

Grading distribution

The new gradings have come out to reflect recent results. I thought the graph of the distribution of gradings might interest you (see graphic) - our average grade is 138 but we range all the way from 201 to 66.

Biggest improvers were Alex Freeland (+10 to 182) Ian Comley (+18 to 169 ), Lucy Bennett-Stevens (+9 to 141)

Check out your own grading at:

Season proper


Amazingly there are still 24 weeks of this season so this is a good time for a little reminder about keeping up to speed with your games.

If you dont have a match please prioritise the knockout then all play all (Rook, Bishop or Knight) before the quickplay. It is particularly important that we keep the Knockout on track.

Junior chess returns tomorrow

Just a quick note to remind all parents that the junior club returns after the Christmas break tomorrow... See you at 6:25pm.

Happy New Year (updated)

Happy New Year

2016 kicks off with the knockout on opportunity for some excellent chess with always a good chance of an unexpected result!

The latest version of the KO shows these games to be played and the web version is completely up to date...let me have any updates! Please check with your opponent to ensure that we can keep on track with this tournament.


Taylor - Lock
Comley - Roberts
Forster (Sr) - Freeland (date to be arranged)
Heath - Higgs


Yes we are meeting on 29th

Calendar page for December 29

Just a reminder that we are meeting tomorrow at chess..I know many people have already arranged their games.

A great opportunity for a fresh start after Christmas!

No chess on Tuesday 22/12 and Hastings Tournament

xmas pudding

A final reminder that we are not meeting this Tuesday so it gives extra time for chess players to begin xmas shopping :) The club will next meet on 29 December so you wont miss out for long.

Many of you will be keen to play in Hastings Tournament over christmas and full details can be found:

If you are travelling by train please take special care as it seems there is wide spread disruption.

Christmas Quiz ...who signed this?

signature of top chess player

My boss went to a Christmas party with a supplier , those fine people at NIIT, and very unusually amongst the other festivities he found himself playing a simultaneous chess match against a very strong player.

He was kind enough to get an autograph addressed to me ...I am absolutely delighted and the account manager has promised that I will be there for the next opportunity.

So the quiz question is ... whose signature is this .... answer to follow

As Mark Baldock reveals is none other than former World Champion Vishy Anand

Horsham fail to KO old foe

A team that married experience with youth travelled down to Brighton but was ultimately unsuccessful in their knockout match...

Close, but not close enough

Horsham 4 again failed to field a full team last night on our visit to Woodpushers. Our intended board 1 pulled out at the very last minute - indeed I only found out by a phone call at 7:45. As we hadn't actually started yet, we had to move everyone else up a board. The Woodpushers captain (Julian Mitchell) would have played on board 3, but then elected to move himself down to board 5, allowing all his other players to get a game.

Quickplay on Tuesday

Quickplay KO

Its the last chess on Tuesday and we have the next round in the quick play.

Good luck , there are always a few surprise in store :)

Grateful if we can play at least two rounds on the night so that it just leaves the finals to play.

As a reminder the following games are scheduled:
Higgs - Freeland ; Forster Jr - Donnelly (Comley plays winner) ; Taylor plays winner of Marshall - Forster Sr

Pavlovic - Moorhouse ; Warren plays loser of Forster Jr - Donnelly; Harbott - Woodings ; Howard - Barrowclough ...Winner plays A Norton


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