Horsham 2 defeat Uckfield 1

The 2nd team travelled down to Uckfield last Wednesday and secured a good victory 4½-½.
On top board Anthony faced Chaski Patrick (graded 206) and played 1. Nc3 - an opening referred to as either the Dunst, the Van Geet or Der Linksspringer (“The Knight on the Left”). Chaski played a very solid Caro-Kann set up in reply and Anthony held a space advantage for much of the game. In an exciting climax Anthony held his nerve as both players queened pawns in a King and Pawn ending before agreeing a draw.

Matches before Christmas

Horsham 1 bounce back with win vs Haywards Heath 1

Horsham 1 bounced back from their disappointing loss to Hastings 1 to beat a weakened Haywards Heath 1 by a big margin. On the morning of the match, I was rung by the Haywards Heath captain to inform me that Feliks Kwiatkowski was not going to be playing. This meant that their line up was noticably weakened, although we would have been favourites to win in any case.

First Home Match - Week 10

It's Tuesday

At the tenth meeting of the season Horsham 4 were playing Uckfield 2 and there were plenty of interesting games going on. I am sure Roger will give a full report shortly but Nick did a good job on top board to win what looked like a drawn Rook and pawn endgame while John overpressed in a superior position and ended up dropping pieces.

Junior chess waiting list

Just a note to advise anyone visiting the website that due to the popularity of the junior chess club I have had to open a waiting list recently. If you wish your child's name to be added to the list please make a website enquiry using the Contact Us page. If your son/daughter is a teenager they may wish to attend the adult club directly for which there is no waiting list, please make an enquiry in the same way and I will provide details.

Horsham 1 go down to Hastings 1 in season opener

The first Horsham 1 match of the season was the dreaded away trip to Hastings. I left early (shortly after 4:30pm) to make sure I got there on time, but only just about made it, due to some congestion on the A27. The Horsham 1 was pretty strong, despite a number of people being unavailable. Hastings 1 had a familiar look to it, with several regular fixtures dating back to the Ark (or so it sometimes seems), and only one new face (to me at any rate) on bottom board.

Tuesday Round Up

Its Tuesday

There was another busy night of chess at the club last night. Alex Taylor beat Paul Taylor after a lively game while Lucy and Nick had a theoretical struggle in the accelerated dragon where Lucy played the Maroczy Bind. After an exciting game it was finally a draw. Ian was playing White against Anthony in the Knockout and reached a tricky position where Anthony had destroyed his Kingside. He finally managed to escape with a draw and the tussle can continue next week to reach a more decisive outcome!

Horsham Matches Before Christmas

SCCU Executive Committee Meeting, ECF and BCF AGMs

ECF logo

Please see Julie Denning's full report below. She welcomes any feedback you may have so do feel free to feed it directly to her:

Dear All,

These meetings all duly took place as scheduled on 6th (SCCU) and 14th (ECF, BCF) of October. Herewith my report on the proceedings.

Any questions on any of this, please come back to me. I am happy for this report to be posted on websites such as SCCA and MSCL.

SCCU Executive Committee.

Horsham 3 v. Horsham 2

Horsham’s Mid Sussex League season kicked off on Tuesday night with the much awaited 2nd team versus 3rd team clash in Division 2. Both teams fielded strong sides and it was always going to be a close, tense affair. The 2nd team out-graded the 3rd team by an average of 12 points and being the away team had the benefit of three whites, but it was clear that each individual match would be closely fought!


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