Horsham 2 finish season with victory

Horsham 2 are poised for a win following our final match of the season against Hastings & SL 2. A tight match went down to the wire with the last few minutes proving crucial...

Horsham 4 defeat Brighton 5

Horsham 4 defeated Brighton 5 at Brighton 3.5-1.5.

The individual scores were:

Bd. 1: Gee, Kevin (118) 1-0 Taylor, Jonathan (143)
Bd. 2: Chadwick, Susan E (110) 0-1 Denning, Julie (122)
Bd. 3: Counsell, Robert (107) 0-1 Britton, David (107)
Bd. 4: Simpson, Darren (-) 0-1 Richardson, Paul (119)
Bd. 5: Caswill, Andrew (101) Draw Waddingham, Roger (114)

Horsham players score congress wins

Several Horsham players have been in action in local (and not so local) congresses recently. Melusi, Paul, Dave and I have all tried our hand at some weekend chess...

Horsham 2 lose out to St. Francis & Haywards Heath 1

A relatively short journey for an away match at last! Horsham 2 put up a good fight but the score currently stands at 3-1 against us with one game to resolve.

Crowborough defeated by Horsham 1

Horsham 1 hosted Crowborough 1 last night and despite a strong visiting lineup including two of Sussex's best juniors, Horsham prevailed without conceding a game. Phil was acting captain in Dix's absence and there were two subs in the form of Mike and myself promoted to cover for James and Dix.

Worthing 2 v Horsham 3 -- creditable performance against the League Champions.

Match standing at Worthing 2 – 1 Horsham . Potential final result = Draw 2.5 – 2.5

Horsham visited the League winners,Worthing 2 last night..

Horsham 1 defeat Worthing 1

Horsham 1 scored an excellent win away at Worthing, defeating their first team by 3.5-1.5. This opens the league up, as Brighton 1 now have the chance to overtake the leaders.

The results of the individual games were:

Bd.1: Therrien, Alex L (207) 0-1 Lock, Gavin R (202)
Bd.2: Graham, David B (205) 0.5-0.5 Stimpson, Philip M (179)
Bd.3: Jones, Chris (189) 0-1 Roberts, David N (170)
Bd.4: Payne, Matthew J (172) 1-0 Taylor, Paul (176)
Bd.5: Homeyard, Keith (164) 0-1 Harbott, Peter (166)

Horsham 5 draw with Worthing 4

Horsham 5 drew with Worthing 4 at home on the 26th March.

The individual results were:

Bd. 1: Barrowclough, Richard 0-1 Guinness, Keith
Bd. 2: Waddingham, Roger 1-0 Crompton, Philip
Bd. 3: Baldock, Mark 0.5-0.5 Trinkwon, Robin
Bd. 4: Forster, Matthew 1-0 Cox, Mark
Bd. 5: Newman, Richard H 0-1 Haworth, Ken

Horsham 3 v Woodpushers 1

Horsham 3 v Woodpushers 1 -- Match Score 3-0 with two unfinished games

Horsham 3 hosted Woodpushers 1 in a Division 2 match last night (02 April), and won the match thanks to some quick wins – especially Jonathan Taylor who mated his opponent in 13 moves !
Full results :...

HJCC back after Easter

It may be April 1st but this is not an April Fool! The junior club pauses for the Easter break over the next two weeks and returns on Tuesday April 16th, see you then...


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