2017-18 Season

Horsham 2 defeated at Lewes

Horsham 2 finished their season with a disappointing loss 2-3 away against Lewes 2. As a result we will finish 3rd or 4th in Division 2 depending on the result of Woodpusher’s final game against Uckfield.
Lewes fielded one of their strongest teams of the season and all of the games were well contested. Phil was first to finish, agreeing a draw. I blundered badly on move 30 and resigned shortly afterwards as I was completely lost – this subsequently proved to be the critical game that cost us the match.

Weald Congress

Horsham 1 win away against Worthing 2

Horsham 1 scored a narrow 3-2 victory away against a strong Worthing 2 team.

Looking at the Worthing 2 line up, a number of the players could (and have) played for the first team, so it was clearly not going to be an easy night.

Matt Forster sensibly bailed out with a draw against Chris Jones when the latter offered it. His position looked rather shaky at the time as subsequent analysis seemed to demonstrate.

Paul Taylor won material against Peter Larwood on bottom board and consolidated to secure Horsham's first win.

Horsham 3 vs Crowborough

Horsham 3 were away to Crowborough on Friday evening and expecting a tough challenge. Crowborough put up two strong players but thankfully not as strong as we were expecting and we out graded them heavily on boards 3-5 so fancied our chances.

Victory for the 2nd team !

Horsham 2 returned to winning ways with a convincing 4-1 home victory on Tuesday against Eastbourne 2.
The four games that we won were all done so fairly comfortably – Dix, Lucy & Chris all won material quite early on and had no problems converting their advantage to win. Phil was able to play one of his favourite lines of the Grand Prix Attack and a strong attack also lead to a comfortable win.

A Sad Death

Many Horsham members will recall the ever-cheerful John Coules, who sadly passed away on Feb.16th, aged 75. John was a regular member of Horsham Chess Club for most of the period 1983 – 2011 and had been a valued committee member and team captain.

Sad Loss of Woodpushers Founder

Very sad news concerning the passing of Oliver Andrew who founded Woodpushers and was well known in MSCL chess. I copy below the eulogy to him from the MSCL website

Best Match Scores

Top individual match scores

Here is the list of the top performing individuals who have played four or more games to qualify for the match knight trophy.



While Horsham 1 and Horsham 3 were doing battle last Tuesday the final of the Knockout Quickplay Plate was taking place.

Richard Barrowclough faced Nick Warren in a dynamic final with periodic exclamations of anguish from both players ! Nick Warren came out the victor and congratulations to him for being the first to claim silverware this season.

Horsham 1 suffer home defeat against Worthing 1

Horsham 1 were defeated at home by Worthing 1 last Tuesday.

Horsham 1 fell behind with James Mansson losing quickly after a couple of mistakes as White in a sharp Sicilian Dragon.

Matt Forster also lost as he fell into a bad position as Black against his opponent's Grand Prix Attack and was unable to recover.

Anthony Higgs pulled one back, as he unearthed a brilliant continuation to turn around a bad position.

The top and bottom board games were unfinished on the night, but subsequent analysis showed them both to be drawn.

This gave Worthing a 3-2 win.


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