Horsham 4 win convincingly against Woodpushers 3

David Britton reports:

Woodpushers fielded 4 juniors on the night and there were some back rank issues for some which Gary and Julie took advantage of. Paul was the first to wrap up and I followed shortly after due to the juniors playing too quick while Ron secured the draw against their only senior.

The results of the individual games are given in the table below:

Board Woodpushers 3 Result Horsham 4
1 Oliver Andrew (102) Draw Ron Fletcher (130)
2 Hardy Burch (-) 0-1 Julie Denning (121)
3 Peter Preston (-) 0-1 Dave Britton (114)
4 Hugo Westwood Dunkley (-) 0-1 Paul Richardson (114)
5 Kim Steinberg (-) 0-1 Gary Whitmore (86)


Ian Comley's picture

A resounding win for the fourth team...