Horsham 4th vs Woodpushers 1st - 2-3 loss

On a very wet Wednesday evening the Horsham 4th headed over to Hove to face Woodpushers 1st, our team Bob Lanzer, Melusi, Julie, Roger Waddingham and myself were out graded on nearly every board but I was still hopeful for a good result.

Melusi was first to finish but his game had not gone well after ending the opening with an isolated pawn the pressure slowly mounted and was always on the back foot that he could recover from. My game finished next with a draw agreed after reaching a rather stale position followed not long after by Bob with both sides unable to make any advances without great risk another draw was agreed. This left Julie and Roger’s games with Woodpushers 1 point ahead.

Julie looked in control with a fantastic knight and queen & bishop attacking the king, however, her opponent managed to get a rook on the seventh and soon after his queen with devastating effect. Roger meanwhile had an fierce attack on his opponents queen side with RQR lined up nicely and his opponent only able to just hold it together, however it quickly seemed to turn around after gaining some counter play but Roger held his nerve and gained the advantage back with a nice pin and an advanced pawn and picked up the win, final result 3-2 to Woodpushers.

1. Andrew Briggs (143) ½ - ½ Robert A Lanzer (143)
2. Roger Hutching (152) 1 – 0 Melusi Nkomo (140)
3. Julian Clark (138) ½ - ½ Paul Richardson (120)
4. Kevin Beglin (140) 1 – 0 Julie Denning (118)
5. Bob Davidson (113) 0 – 1 Roger Waddingham (118)


Ian Comley's picture

Hard luck guys - Woodpushers are always tough opposition

Anthony Higgs's picture

Woodpushers are a tough side, Roger Hutchings was 180 not long ago!