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Welcome Win for Horsham 3 away to Brighton & Hove

Horsham 3 registered its first point of the season with a convincing win over Brighton and Hove 3.
Chris Heath easily held Robin Jones in a Sicilian, before John Marshall, playing the Sicilian as Black (!!?) gained a piece and a first win for Horsham. This was followed by Richard's subtle sacrificial tactics on the Q side duping his opponent to succumb to a Kingside attack and defeat.

Port cinques beneath Horsham onslaught

First off, thanks to Phil for the top quality pun. Secondly, I can report success for Horsham in the farthest-flung corner of Sussex...

Horsham 4th vs Crowborough 2nd

Facing a very strong Crowborough 2nd team with an 88 point advantage our guys faced a tough challenge indeed (I hid a few tables away!).

Horsham 6 v Worthing 4


Last night saw Horsham 6 host a MSL Division 4 match against Worthing 4 and what a hard fought match it proved. At the time of writing the position is …

1. Baldock M ?-? Crompton P
2. Whitmore G ?-? Guinness K
3. Hewitt T ?-? Pople D
4. Hewitt M ½-½ Bradley D
5. Hewitt R 0-1 Haworth K

Horsham 2 v Args 3/12


An excellent result last night against the Args with the added amusement of live pub music in the background :)

1. Dix Roberts drew with P Farr
2. Phil Stimpson drew with J Graham
3. Paul Taylor drawn with P Kington
4. Peter Harbott beat D Collard
5. I Comley beat I M Garson

So the score stands as 3-1 with Paul choosing to claim either a win or a draw in the adjudication!

Update : draw agreed

Not a good night to play White...

Horsham 1 defeated Hastings 2 by a comfortable scoreline on Tuesday night, in a match where Black dominated White, scoring 4/5 unbeaten across the two teams...

Horsham 5 make it 4 wins from 4

Another win for the 5th team leaves us sitting pretty at the top of Div 4 going into
The seasons break,
An entertaining night at Haywards Heath with Tony Locke winning comfortably early on!

Horsham 3 struggle v Lewes 2

Our visit to Lewes sees us at 2-2, with one match under review.
Individual Results:
Barry Maufe (163) 1 - 0 Ian Comley (160)
James Pullan (147) 0 - 1 Mick Harris (146)
Richard Welford (144) draw Nick Warren (143)
Daniel Brooks (137) draw Bob Lanzer (143)
Matthew Britnell (134) A - A Richard Moorhouse (140)

The game under review shows us behind on material in an endgame -- but I'm in touch with Magnus for his views!

Horsham 4th vs Woodpushers 1st - 2-3 loss

On a very wet Wednesday evening the Horsham 4th headed over to Hove to face Woodpushers 1st, our team Bob Lanzer, Melusi, Julie, Roger Waddingham and myself were out graded on nearly every board but I was still hopeful for a good result.

Horsham 6 beat Div. 4 league leaders – 3-2!

thumbs up

Last night saw Horsham 6 compete in our first away game of the season (not counting the first game against Horsham 5!).

Our opponents …. the formidable Brighton & Hove 5 team, the current leaders of Div 4 who had easily won their first 2 matches. But was last night going to be their night? No, it wasn’t! From being down 0-2 (by about 9:30pm) Horsham 6 duly ground out hard fought wins on the 3 remaining boards securing the all important match victory at 10:45pm.


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