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Sad news - updated

News has been received of the untimely death of Richard Almond at the age of just 46...

Horsham 4 draw with Eastbourne 2

Dave Britton reports:

Horsham 4 2.5 - 2.5 Eastbourne 2

Melusi Nkomo (131) 0-1 Chris Hutton (119)
Ron Fetcher (128) 1-0 John Moore (127)
Laurence Draper (125) 1-0 Steve Baldwin (118)
Julie Denning (121) Draw Doug Stevenson (117)
Paul Richardson (119) 0-1 Mick Elgin (115)

Horsham 4 lose to Worthing 4

Dave Britton reports:

We had a grading advantage on most boards but it was not to be our night.

Worthing 4 3.5 - 1.5 Horsham 4

David Wallis (120) 1-0 Jonathan Taylor (143)
Keith Guinness (118) 1-0 Ron Fletcher (128)
Ben Simpson (114) 1-0 Julie Denning (121)
Phil Cromptom (112) 0-1 Dave Britton (107)
Jason Rose (97) Draw Paul Richardson (119)

Horsham 4 v St Francis & Haywards Heath 2

Horsham 4 lose to St Francis 2 by 1.5 - 3.5...

Crushing victory for Horsham 2

Horsham 2 recorded their first win of the season with a thumping 4.5-0-5 result over Brighton 2 last night...

Result still in the balance...

Horsham 2 travelled down to Eastbourne on Friday and came away 1.5-1.5 on the night - all is still to adjudicate for with one result outstanding...

Horsham 3 Beat Woodpushers 2

John Cannon offered the following board by board summary of this Horsham 3 victory (aided by their opponent's default on bottom board).

Horsham 5 defeat Haywards Heath 3

Roger Waddingham reports on last Tuesday's match between Horsham 5 and St Francis & Haywards Heath 3

The match was interesting. Matthew won easily on bottom board and then Tony lost, Matthew is now 5 / 5 in division three and must be headiing for some sort of league trophy.

All the other three games looked drawish for a while. Finally, Gary edged ahead in the endgame when he had his king on the correct side of the board to consume all his opponent's pawns.

Horsham 1 narrowly defeat Eastbourne 1

Horsham 1 achieved a narrow 3-2 victory over Eastbourne 1 in their match last night. Gavin Lock, Dix Roberts and Paul Taylor all won, but Phil Stimpson lost a safe-looking endgame, while James Mansson managed to blunder his queen against Oliver Froom.

The results of the individual games are given in the table below:

Honours even in hard fought Division 2 match

Horsham 3 visited The Args last night and the match ended as a draw 2.5 – 2.5.
We were outgraded heavily on the top 2 boards ....


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