2014-15 Season

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AAH Magazine article

Magazine article

Amy appeared in the glossy magazine All About Horsham - AAH ...thought you might like to see if you missed it.

Happy New Year!


Hope you all had fantastic festivities and are all charged up for tomorrows night return to chess club.

It is assigned as a Knockout / Knockout Plate evening so please arrange to play if at all possible :)

Happy new year - junior chess returns

Just a quick reminder that junior chess returns this Tuesday 6th Jan at the usual time (6:25pm), see you then...

Our own entry...

our entry

...our own entry...

More pictures..

This was a particularly clever entry..

Church Christmas celebrations

xmas trees

For those members who were unable to attend the Christmas Tree Festival, here is a visual taste. In addition to those shown, there were trees in the front foyer, all down both sides of the church and others in the lounge, making a most attractive impression overall, which was worthy of the major efforts to which the contributing groups had clearly gone There was a goodly number of visitors, indicating a worthwhile benefit to the Action for Children charity.

...more pictures to follow...

John Cannon

Paul Watson Trophy Win

Horsham had a convincing victory away at Haywards Heath in the preliminary round of the Paul Watson Trophy last night, winning 4-0. This competition is for teams of 4 players with an average grading of 150 or less.

The games finished in Board number order ! On Board 1, Peter defended precisely with the black pieces against a sacrificial attack and emerged a rook up for two pawns and his opponent duly resigned. I was assisted by my opponent’s reluctance to castle which lead to him giving up the exchange in order to get his king to safety.

London Chess Classic


A few of us (including Anthony and Phil) ventured up to the London Chess Classic last friday to enjoy some great play by Adams, Nakamura, Giri, Kramnik ...the commentary was provided by Danny King, Nigel Short and even Peter Svidler!

It was a great day and full details are at http://www.londonchessclassic.com/
and the commentary can be found http://new.livestream.com/chess24/lcc2014

Anand won...which is why he is smiling!

Horsham 2 perform well against league favourites

Last Tuesday saw Horsham 2 host Worthing 1, a team boosted by the presence of two strong former Knoll Knights players and therefore a force to be reckoned with this season...

KO Team Make a Quick Exit!

The MSL KO team played their first match of the season against Brighton & Hove on Wednesday. The teams were very closely matched in terms of aggregate grading, so no handicap applied. Paul Richardson and Brian Howard were losers in the first 2 games to finish, but Anthony Higgs then won on top board. I had knight and pawn for a rook, but felt I had some positional compensation for the slight material deficit. However, with time running out for each of us in the mandatory QPF of the KO competition, neither of us could establish a clear advantage and we agreed a draw.


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